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Volcano, I'm still excited!!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Volcano, I'm still excited!!

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[03 Jun 2006|06:52pm]
hmm... this community seems to be dead, but i thought i'd share this e-mail with you guys because i found it interesting:

Dear Volcano fans-

As you know, the Volcano has been dormant for some time now... here's
what's happening!

MARK (casio, lead singer dude)
Mark made a feature film with his brother Jay called THE PUFFY CHAIR which
got picked up at the Sundance Film Festival and is premiering in theaters
FRIDAY JUNE 2 in select cities. It's a road trip comedy about an indie
rocker (played by Mark), his marriage-hungry girlfriend, and his
psuedo-granola brother as they try to deliver a 1985 purple lazyboy
cross-country to their Dad as a surprise birthday gift. It's got songs from
DEATH CAB, SPOON, and a bunch of Polyvinyl bands. Also, look out for an
unfinished Volcano demo in there... check out the trailer and showtimes @

CRAIG (guitar person)
Right out of the van after the last Volcano tour, Craig has been kept quite
busy playing trumpet with Sufjan Stevens, appearing on ³Illinois² and the
upcoming ³Avalanche², as well as riding along for all of the related tours.
When he¹s home in Brooklyn, he rocks the guitar with JTR3 in the Americans
Uk, and has recently begun work on a yet unnamed ³solo² project...

JTR3 (drummer guy)
In the time since the last Volcano show, JTR3 has played with a wide array
of new york types including Sufjan Stevens, the Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble, the
space-rock band Good Evening, garage-ists Americans Uk, and the new-wavey
music of The Countess. He spends most of his time now working on his own
group Va Va China, an electronica-inspired group whose concept-driven shows
allow for total improvisation and collaboration with other musicians and
various video artists. check them out at http://vavachina.com or

...all our love

this is from the vise!! mail list. i didn't know mark made "the puffy chair"! that's amazing. my friend recommended i see it, but i definately want to see it now, myself. anyone else know about mark doing this film? anyone seen it?
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[17 Apr 2005|02:40pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Hey i didnt know there was a volcano, im still excited community. ive seen them once in concert, and i have their cd. i love their music.

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[14 Jan 2005|12:56am]


if not allowed just delete.
thought at least someone might be interested!
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[05 Jan 2005|11:24pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

yo, my name is joe, i have been to 2 Volcano shows... they freakin rock!

i live in iowa... and the first time i saw them, there were 4 people in the audience, and i got there CD a day before it was released.

the next time i saw them, there were a ton of people in the audience, and people were singin their lyrics and stuff, and i was like, HEY! where were you people like a couple of months ago??? But anyway, the lead singer remembered me from the earlier show they played in Des Moines... which was cool

anyway, that is about it! later yo!

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[10 Nov 2004|08:11pm]

speaking of their cd...

how many of you have it? i found it at barnes & noble and i was so surprised. needless to say, i had about 7 orgasms over it. amazing.
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[10 Nov 2004|09:03pm]

i wish i had their cd.

p.s why isn't anyone in here?
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[10 Aug 2004|01:43pm]

why does no one belong to this community?

i <3 volcano im still excited.
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